2014 uspga prize money breakdown – purse $10,000,000

The 2014 U.S. PGA Championship Purse is $10,000,000

The 2014 US PGA Championship Prizemoney shall include a winner’s check of $1,800,000.

A full breakdown of the 2014 USPGA Championship Golf Prizemoney is detailed below.

Place Amount Place Amount

1st $1,800,000 36th $47,400
2nd $1,080,000 37th $44,800
3rd $680,000 38th $42,400
4th $480,000 39th $40,000
5th $400,000 40th $38,000
6th $335,000 41st $36,000
7th $313,000 42nd $34,000
8th $293,000 43rd $32,000
9th $273,000 44th $31,000
10th $253,000 45th $30,000
11th $233,000 46th $29,000
12th $213,000 47th $28,000
13th $198,000 48th $27,000
14th $184,000 49th $26,500
15th $172,000 50th $26,000
16th $160,000 51st $25,500
17th $148,000 52nd $25,000
18th $136,000 53rd $24,500
19th $126,000 54th $24,000
20th $116,000 55th $23,500
21st $106,000 56th $23,000
22nd $96,000 57th $22,500
23rd $91,000 58th $22,000
24th $86,000 59th $21,500
25th $82,000 60th $21,000
26th $78,000 61st $20,600
27th $74,000 62nd $20,200
28th $71,000 63rd $19,800
29th $68,000 64th $19,400
30th $65,000 65th $19,000
31st $62,000 66th $18,800
32nd $59,000 67th $18,600
33rd $56,000 68th $18,400
34th $53,000 69th $18,200
35th $50,000 70th $18,000

NB: Those players making the cut, but finishing below 70th place, will be paid in diminishing increments of $100 each (i.e., $17,900, $17,800, $17,700, etc.). Those players missing the cut and turning in a 36-hole score will be paid $3,000 each. Any player making the cut, but failing to submit a 72-hole score, will also be paid $3,000.

Source: PGA of America


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