The 2015 Mizuno Golf Equipment has increased the range of MP-T5 GolfWedges for 2015 to include 25 different loft, bounce and grind combinations for both right and left-handed golfers.

In doing so, the range of 2015 Mizuno Wedges pitches this golf equipment company right in amongst the golf industry leaders in golf wedge selections. This makes Mizuno’s latest golf wedge line-up more suited to a wider variety of players than ever before; and not just aimed at the more advanced player.

The MP-T5 wedges from Mizuno are also available in two types of finishes: Black Ion, which won’t rust with extended use, and the White Satin classic finish. The MP-T5 wedges for 2015 will sell for approximately $129.99 and are fitted with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Wedge golf shafts.

In the 49 to 53 degrees loft MP-T5 Wedge models, they are designed with a classic C-grind with soft trailing edge relief. These 2015 Mizuno wedges are best played from the golf fairway or rough using full golf swings, so golfers don’t need aggressive grinds.These golf wedges also have the narrow, deep golf grooves that are designed to perform best on full golf shots.

In the 54 to 58 degrees loft MP-T5 Wedge models, there are two different bounce options. The low-bounce wedges have an aggressive C Grind for more versatility and high-bounce wedges have a soft trailing edge and a significant heel grind to aid performance on open-faced bunker shots. These wedges have wider, shallower grooves that perform better on open-faced shots around the green.

In the 58 to 62 degrees loft MP-T5 Wedge models, these 2015 Golf Clubs come in high bounce and low bounce. The high-bounce golf wedges for 2015 have an M Grind that stands for max bounce plus maximum heel and toe relief. This assists the player to execute the wedge shot without taking far too much turf while still providing the versatility golfers need to play ‘soft hands’ shots around the green. The lower-bounce models have more trailing edge relief and extra grind on the heel. These Mizuno wedges for 2015 also have wide, shallower golf grooves.

Test Driven by Luke Donald. one of the top wedge players in the World of Golf

Former World Golf #1 Luke Donald is a classic chrome golf wedge man, so the new Mizuno Black IP wedge caught the attention of the English golfer. The MP-T5’s offering of 25 different loft /  bounce combinations are of little use to a player such as Luke tuned into his personal grind. Albeit, Luke was flattered to hear that his personal grind had made its way into the line of grind options within the choice of 2015 Golf Wedges.


Graham J Gordon, The Editor and Owner, GolfblogspotUK

The GolfblogspotUK website is owned and run by former Walker Cup player and European Tour card holder, Graham J Gordon, from Scotland, the Home of Golf. The owner is a golf fanatic who had to retire early from competitive tour play due to a back injury that required surgery. Graham wishes to share his knowledge and own experiences of the game with the GolfblogspotUK community and to receive your feedback on all aspects of the sport. Graham has been playing the game for over 20 years and received a great deal of pleasure from the sport. He has met several friends and visited many different places around the world, thanks to playing the great game of golf. Time to put a little back into the game to help others.

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