2014 CIMB Classic Golf Round 2 quotes

Billy Hurley III (67-67—134, 10-under) (leader)  (pictured by Getty Images)

On his start to the second round

Yeah.  I played nicely.  I even played a little bit better probably than the score is on the front side; you know, one bad swing, but hit a lot of really good putts that kind of just hit the edge.  If you would have just hit the edge on the first nine and you make them all on the back nine, then you feel a little bit better about it than doing it the other way around, but at the end of the day it’s the same score, so I’m happy with 10 under for two days.

On decision to join the U.S. Navy

Yeah.  I loved being in the Navy, and still have great memories and great friends from being in the Navy.  If I didn’t want to play golf, I’d probably still be in the Navy right now, but I’m happy to be out here and be kind of representing the Navy and the Naval Academy on the PGA TOUR.

On being the 36-hole leader

There are 36 holes of golf left.  You know, two shot lead is better than a one shot lead, but it’s not quite as good as a four shot lead.  You always want to have more.

                That’s the funny thing about golf is you feel like you always could have played better.  My wife actually hates me for that, or she hates golf for that.  I’m like, ah, I could have always been one better, and she tells me, I don’t want to hear about that.

Kevin Chappell (69-68—136, 7-under-par)

On his one shot penalty on 16

Yeah.  I assessed myself a stroke penalty on the 16th hole.  I picked my ball up before marking it, and then played the hole out, and then decided not to call a rules official until we were done.  I didn’t think that that was going to be the best way for me to finish my round discussing a ruling until I got in.  So called the ruling, made sure I got the right ruling before I signed my score card.

On golf being a game of honor

Yeah.  It’s on your honor.  You know, we’re out there, it’s one of the only sports where you’re playing with your opponents, and they’re not, you know, on that hole, I was  50 yards from anyone else really, and you know, it’s something that there wasn’t a question what I was going to do.

On course strategy for the week

Definitely, yeah.  You know, it’s a course that you figure out where to attack, what pins to attack to, and then try and take advantage of those holes, and the situation, so the seventh hole, for instance, yesterday it was a very easy hole to the middle left pin because you have a slope behind it and today it becomes a very difficult hole.  You got to figure out what to play off the tee and how to attack the hole.

Ryan Moore (68-69—137, 7-under-par)

On play after weather delay

Yeah.  It was an overall good day until I went back out there, I missed an 8 footer for birdie on 17 and then 3 putt there because I thought the greens were way slower, but apparently they weren’t. So yeah, but overall I’m in good position after two days.  I played good solid rounds of golf, and just gotta keep doing that.

On good vibes coming back to Malaysia

You know, I’m always practicing, always working on stuff.  I’ve actually felt pretty good about my game.  I just putted absolutely terrible in Vegas the last time I played.  Just sad.  I mean that’s on pretty much my home golf course I play all the time and I just couldn’t    I don’t know, it’s just one of those tournaments where I got it going the wrong way and couldn’t get it back and couldn’t make putts. So yeah, I’ve got some good practice since I’ve been over here and it feels good.

On being in contention

Well, it always helps.  Winning and being comfortable and familiar with a golf course definitely makes a difference.  You know, in the end you just gotta go play better than everybody else, though and that’s how it works.

Lee Westwood (72-65—137, 7-under-par)

On his play in second round

Good day.  Yeah, I played nicely, got off to a good start, birdied the first couple of holes, kept it going.  Obviously hit a great shot at 11, the rescue; that was the highlight of the round, went in the hole.  You know, you need a bit of luck, but at the same time you gotta hit well and straight, so it happens now and again.  And went back out after the rain delay and birdied two of the last three and had a really good chance at 17 as well to about eight feet, so pleased with the way I finished, and 65 has got me right into the tournament.

On hole-in-one at No. 11

I was aiming towards 20 feet left of the hole and trying to hit a bit of a high cut because it was just too much club.  It just came out perfect.  It just shot out about 20 feet left and high fade and landed nicely on the ridge, and then it kicked a bit left and ran up there and went straight in the middle.  Just sometimes that happens. It’s 226 yards today and into the wind, so you know, it’s going to be one of the hardest holes on the golf course.

On being paired with Sergio Garcia for 3rd consecutive day on Saturday

We enjoy playing together, so it will be nice to play with him again tomorrow. When two people are playing well together, Yeah, you bring each other on.  Yeah, you can feed off each other, yeah.

Kevin Streelman (68-68—136, 8-under-par)

On hot start to the 2014-2015 PGA TOUR season after finishing runner-up two weeks ago

Yeah, I played great in Vegas, especially the weekend.  I made a putter switch there, that’s really made some dividends for me this far, and just continued confidence in the progress I’ve made and just want to continue to improve each day. Just back to a putter I used when I was a kid. I always had it close to my heart, but yeah, just one of those.  I’m sure I’ll go back to my other one at another point, but right now it feels really good. It’s funny, I kind of collect Scotty Camerons, and I’m like really careful with those, but I have this old Odyssey 2 ball that I just beat up constantly, and that’s the one I end up putting the best with.  You can’t have too much respect for your putter.  You gotta kind of keep it in its place.

Finished second last week and you’re in that position again.  Is this the best you’ve been playing do you think?

I think it’s the best my short game’s been.  My ball striking is getting there, but my coach and I are getting really close to it taking off.

It’s funny Sergio switched grips before this week.  The putters in particular, is there something, every now and then you just need to freshen up?

Yeah, you just need to freshen up, exactly.  I think irons and wedges and even driver you just want the same consistency that you know the look of, the loft lies gotta be all right, but the putter sometimes you pick it up, and yeah, it feels pretty good and you go out and make everything.

Jeff Overton, (68-69—137, 7-under-par)

On playing well in Malaysia despite the tournament switching courses.

I think it’s because it’s just so hot.  You don’t really care how you do.  You’re just trying to stay alive. You’re trying not to die of a heart stroke or something. (joking)

I came over here the first time and finished second.  I guess maybe I have good vibes or something.  I don’t know.  Obviously the game of golf is all about confidence, and having a good vibe starting the week is always a big advantage.

Sergio Garcia (68-69—137, 7-under-par)

On playing well over the first two rounds

I felt like I played quite well again.  Obviously, you know, I left a couple of good opportunities out there on the back nine, but I also made a couple nice putts on 13, 14, 15. So you know, overall it was a pretty good day, good couple of days so far, and more for the weekend.

Tell us a little bit about that change of grip with the putter

I’ve been putting with it for probably three years, and it’s been good, don’t get me wrong, but I like to practice normal.  And you know, I’ve been thinking about it for probably for some months now to try to get some tournament play under pressure with a normal grip, and it’s felt pretty good.

Obviously I hit a couple bad putts here and there, but other than that, I felt like I hit a lot of good putts, even the one on the last day I just misread it, but it’s been quite good; I made some good putts.  I hit some good putts that unfortunately didn’t go in, but it feels good.  It’s something that I wanted to try and see if I could do it.

I think usually my speed is a little bit better when I putt with a normal grip than    and with the slow greens it’s a little bit better, so it’s just something that I wanted to try.

Is it just this week that you’ve switched back?

Yeah, but I’ve been practicing with it for a long time.

Source: PGA TOUR


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