A number of golfers have experienced playing partners performing really well in the weekly medal until they start thinking about their great golf score; and then land up falling to pieces on the homeward stretch.

Graham J Gordon GolferMy own experiences are, this slump in performance is normally attributed to a number of things, such as:-

  1. Getting ahead of themselves as opposed to solely playing one stroke and hole at a time;
  2. Trying to determine what score they need to post to win the sweeper or the medal; and
  3. If they can return a particular score, trying to establish what their new exact golf handicap would be.

My experiences are, such a competitor is solely putting pressure on themselves and it is easy to see why they start to become very nervous. Prior to this change in behavioral patterns they were playing very well and relaxed; and getting the craved results without trying to second guess or self-analysis.

One of the most common faults is the failure of such type of player to apply a sound and repeating pre-shot routine. My experiences are that the player who is doing well in the medal who is desperate to put in a good score can often quicken their pace of play. It has not been unknown for such partners to rush to the next tee like a headless chicken, not even look up the fairway or think about their shot, and then proceed to hit one or two golf balls out of bounds. I’ve also been paired with very excitable players who are up at their golf ball and ready to hit when their playing partners have just left the teeing ground.

I am not advocating that players slow down to the point whereby rigor mortis sets in. I recommend that if such competitors have aspirations to play their full potential, they will need a sound and consistent pre-shot routine. If you do not have one and wish to improve your golf game, I recommend you try and embed one into your game.

To see how I approach this, please see the following YouTube Golf Video.

Graham J Gordon, Owner and Editor, GolfblogspotUK


Graham J Gordon, The Editor and Owner, GolfblogspotUK

The GolfblogspotUK website is owned and run by former Walker Cup player and European Tour card holder, Graham J Gordon, from Scotland, the Home of Golf. The owner is a golf fanatic who had to retire early from competitive tour play due to a back injury that required surgery. Graham wishes to share his knowledge and own experiences of the game with the GolfblogspotUK community and to receive your feedback on all aspects of the sport. Graham has been playing the game for over 20 years and received a great deal of pleasure from the sport. He has met several friends and visited many different places around the world, thanks to playing the great game of golf. Time to put a little back into the game to help others.

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