In a dramatic and exciting final the Argentine team Emilio Dominguez and Rafael Echenique kept the first edition of the Bridgestone Golf America’s Cup.

Emilio Dominguez holed a putt for eagle seven meters on the 18th tiebreaking a day that was an absolute parity with US partner Robert Rohanna and Daniel Mazziotta until the last hole.

Echenique Dominguez and a card signed again with no errors and 62 on Sunday allowed 246 total punches, 38-under par and keep the $ 120,000 prize to be shared between the couple. Behind Rohanna Mazziotta and in third place was the Maxi Godoy composed and Jack Zarlenga Argentine team, which totaled 250 strokes (-34).

Both teams reached the 18th hole tied, but Americans seem to have advantage after the second shots Mazziotta and Rohanna that were closer than Dominguez. The first play was the Argentine who holed out to the delight of his partner and the local public.

Rohanna Mazziotta and had their chances to tie it more closely, but none could dunk and so the title was for locals. “They’m very happy, it is a great joy to win this tournament, Rafa got some amazing putts today and luckily I was able to throw them pressure you put on that putt on 18. Truth to win at home is a very special feeling,” were the first words of Emilio Dominguez.

“It was a great tournament, we did not make mistakes all week and that was the key. I had talked to earlier in the week and we got it. This is a great format, enjoyed,” said Rafael Echenique who starred in another key moment of the round, when holed a putt 10 foot birdie on the 15th hole.

The Argentina pair started with birdies at 1, 3 and 4 for a small difference to start the final round. Mazziotta and Rohanna balance achieved with birdies at 9, 11 and 12.

From there every time champions made a birdie, Americans responded with another hole to NEXT. Echenique hit in the 13 and 14 responded Mazziotta again lowered Echenique Mazziotta hit 15 again at 16. So they came to the 18 where the large audience who approached the Olivos Golf Club lived a definition for myocardial that closed with Dominguez great putt to cap a memorable week for a new event which ended with great success.


Weather: Sunny, with a high temperature: 32 ° Celsius. Southeast wind

United States (Daniel Mazziotta- Robert Rohanna): “The truth was very disappointing not to get the last two putts. It was a day we fight every inch and could have gone either of the two teams. When they put them, we responded and everything was decided by a single putt. Anyway it was a fun day and had fun playing together, “Mazziotta said.
While his teammate too, was frustrated by the result but pleased with a great week, “Today I did not play as he had done. We miss many putts and that left us no chance, especially in par 5. Anyway we had a great tournament, everything was decided by a single putt and were a hit. “

Argentina (Maxi Godoy Zarlenga Cat): The happy couple left Argentina with his performance. “It was a great tournament, we finished well and entedimos us perfectly all week,” Godoy will take this week as an impetus for the past five tournaments of the season said. Zarlenga was very satisfied with the team’s performance “had never played with Maxi and the truth that we complement barbarian, came close.”

United States (Brad Hopfinger- Jordan Russell): “We started badly, not embocamos anything in the first hole and that left us far, then we recovered and got closer, it was a great week, everything was perfect,” Hopfinger said.

Angel Cabrera: The Cordoba with his son finished in 10th place with 28-under par. “It was not the result we expected but it was a great experience playing with Frederick. The fact that we never got to pack and so this format is difficult,” said the Duck after his round.

Teams without a bogey in the tournament: Rafael Echenique-Emilio Domínguez (Argentina), Roberto Rohanna- Daniel Mazziotta (USA) and Brad Hopfinger-Jordan Russell (USA)

Lowest Round round: 60 strokes, the Venezuelan team Robert De Biase and Alfredo Adrian.

Source: PGA TOUR


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