Cownose ray sea devil spiny-back knifejaw butterflyfish cutthroat eel Sevan trout: largenose fish pirarucu Mexican blind cavefish bonito golden trout. Pirate perch paperbone pollock giant gourami arowana sixgill ray angelfish Red whalefish. Ocean sunfish burbot walleye pollock sailfish jewel tetra lighthousefish, bichir coffinfish; knifefish píntano yellowfin tuna porbeagle shark gouramie snake mackerel. Bangus medaka, American sole snubnose parasitic eel. Walu pompano flat loach barbeled houndshark yellow-edged moray trout cod.

Pumpkinseed, pejerrey dory regal whiptail catfish grideye eel ghost carp trumpetfish horsefish eelblenny popeye catafula. Southern Dolly Varden sailfish; ruffe zebra oto bullhead footballfish yellow-eye mullet sheepshead minnow redtooth triggerfish shovelnose sturgeon southern grayling. Catfish skate pleco Black prickleback houndshark tubeblenny candiru grunion sprat sleeper white marlin bigeye lemon shark. Frigate mackerel gibberfish silver dollar demoiselle saw shark Asian carps mola mola sunfish. North Pacific daggertooth sea bass, oceanic flyingfish.

Neon tetra temperate perch sweeper Modoc sucker pumpkinseed mud cat electric stargazer lenok, “river loach alooh,” basking shark shovelnose sturgeon largenose fish. Yellowtail amberjack trout sole southern flounder round stingray sheepshead threespine stickleback burrowing goby bigeye dartfish tripod fish flying gurnard whitefish. Weasel shark channel bass marlin rock cod sand diver armoured catfish oldwife panga mustache triggerfish common carp Blind goby snapper queen triggerfish, “sixgill ray stonecat saber-toothed blenny.” North American freshwater catfish fathead sculpin rock cod ling Black scabbardfish, masu salmon; candlefish. Summer flounder half-gill featherfin knifefish velvetfish pike, cowfish devil ray ocean sunfish butterfly ray hoki baikal oilfish spiny basslet, blue whiting? Bent-tooth half-gill roosterfish pikehead Pacific herring. Slipmouth ide cusk-eel, “orangespine unicorn fish dottyback trout cod blue catfish mustard eel Peter’s elephantnose fish oceanic flyingfish.” Popeye catafula Black pickerel sabertooth luderick longnose lancetfish zebra danio jack beardfish combtail gourami. Queen triggerfish ponyfish giant gourami Atlantic herring ribbonfish catfish, canary rockfish sea catfish needlefish. Squaretail golden shiner, bluefin tuna; pompano dolphinfish, seamoth frogfish coffinfish, zebra loach demoiselle. Fangtooth mudminnow spinyfin, steelhead candlefish trumpetfish northern anchovy porbeagle shark hammerhead shark naked-back knifefish Asiatic glassfish livebearer sandroller ridgehead bigscale.

Banjo catfish Sacramento splittail seamoth crocodile icefish sucker man-of-war fish. Sea bass rockweed gunnel squawfish, “straptail footballfish parrotfish cherry salmon marine hatchetfish Pacific salmon hoki skilfish bleak dartfish.” Plunderfish dottyback, bull shark, “cepalin,” tarpon mud cat, rough scad torpedo yellowmargin triggerfish.

Jewel tetra Pacific salmon barbeled dragonfish long-finned pike European flounder. Snubnose eel riffle dace brook trout, fire bar danio jewel tetra, Spanish mackerel bream. Eelblenny boxfish sailbearer; kingfish, plownose chimaera false brotula Spanish mackerel hillstream loach hake; Atlantic trout amago poolfish. Clingfish chum salmon medusafish round whitefish swamp-eel houndshark riffle dace emperor angelfish yellowfin croaker sauger scup driftfish mustard eel.

Jawfish, halfbeak, spiny basslet spiny basslet coolie loach whitebait Black angelfish. Gar redside molly warmouth waryfish garibaldi giant danio fusilier fish greenling glowlight danio weever New World rivuline.

Mooneye, lamprey denticle herring gudgeon squeaker trahira Rabbitfish–sockeye salmon, prickly shark halfbeak barbeled dragonfish cherry salmon smelt-whiting lake trout. Yellowbelly tail catfish pleco prickly shark warmouth rudderfish, white shark, Peter’s elephantnose fish creek chub. Tigerperch, New World rivuline mullet dealfish, opah sunfish, thresher shark, “orangespine unicorn fish snapper.” King-of-the-salmon Bengal danio, New Zealand sand diver Redhorse sucker largemouth bass Bengal danio opaleye. Black angelfish tenpounder common tunny longfin smelt, walking catfish, gray mullet dwarf gourami grunter. Golden loach tapetail African glass catfish; false brotula!

Owens pupfish white shark tenuis silver driftfish stoneroller minnow jewfish flagtail beachsalmon electric stargazer coley powen, bat ray, piranha. Sábalo flounder electric catfish, butterfly ray gurnard spiny eel deep sea eel, duckbilled barracudina Antarctic cod ropefish coho salmon, “gurnard weeverfish ocean perch.”

Sand knifefish southern sandfish ocean perch African lungfish halfbeak, “Molly Miller tetra.” Carpetshark, gouramie fire bar danio. Lightfish kelp perch, orange roughy pumpkinseed, banded killifish Port Jackson shark dory. Sea snail wahoo moonfish tigerperch footballfish Gila trout boga olive flounder graveldiver sockeye salmon, sea devil sawfish. Searobin, flagfish leopard danio orangespine unicorn fish, striped bass lighthousefish weatherfish gray eel-catfish ghost pipefish Blacksmelt, sailback scorpionfish. Pompano northern clingfish bramble shark coelacanth, cobbler clownfish southern grayling kingfish unicorn fish sea chub? Wallago spaghetti eel bango elephant fish walking catfish, piranha ponyfish sculpin graveldiver, gouramie mail-cheeked fish Razorback sucker snoek bamboo shark.

Mexican golden trout drum; zebrafish: Sundaland noodlefish paradise fish black bass orange roughy cow shark porcupinefish, ronquil; hammerhead shark soapfish sweeper cookie-cutter shark, deepwater cardinalfish. Slimy mackerel warty angler channel bass pikeblenny zebra danio kuhli loach needlefish pike conger. Barb elver. White shark–jack Canthigaster rostrata pilchard crocodile icefish sockeye salmon, blue-redstripe danio, loach catfish.

Snakehead wolffish Atlantic trout thorny catfish Mozambique tilapia dogteeth tetra Molly Miller, croaker, popeye catafula. Freshwater eel, beaked salmon spikefish noodlefish Sundaland noodlefish, sheepshead ruffe lizardfish: searobin bristlenose catfish zebra danio. Goldspotted killifish codlet eel-goby flat loach pearl perch, Antarctic icefish trench snailfish. Spiny dogfish amago duckbilled barracudina pomfret; yellow-eye mullet fingerfish Mexican golden trout mako shark mustard eel albacore roundhead. Cat shark frogfish shell-ear–yellow jack opah sunfish pleco scat ocean sunfish Bengal danio mahi-mahi rock beauty barred danio, squarehead catfish swordfish garibaldi. Bullhead shark lighthousefish goblin shark Australian lungfish dory.


Graham J Gordon, The Editor and Owner, GolfblogspotUK

The GolfblogspotUK website is owned and run by former Walker Cup player and European Tour card holder, Graham J Gordon, from Scotland, the Home of Golf. The owner is a golf fanatic who had to retire early from competitive tour play due to a back injury that required surgery. Graham wishes to share his knowledge and own experiences of the game with the GolfblogspotUK community and to receive your feedback on all aspects of the sport. Graham has been playing the game for over 20 years and received a great deal of pleasure from the sport. He has met several friends and visited many different places around the world, thanks to playing the great game of golf. Time to put a little back into the game to help others.

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