KARUIZAWA, Japan (3 Sept.) – Canada, bolstered by a 66 from Brooke Henderson and a 69 from Augusta James, posted a record score of 9-under-par 135 to hold a two-stroke lead after the first round of the 2014 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship (WWATC) at Karuizawa 72 Golf East.

Canada’s 135 is the lowest first-round score in WWATC history, eclipsing the previous mark of 136 by the USA in Argentina in 2010. Two-time defending champion Republic of Korea is second at 137, followed by France at 140 in third.

“I was really pleased with the first day,” said Canadian captain Liz Hoffman. “You are not going to win on the first day but you can certainly put yourself behind the 8-ball. There are a lot of fabulous teams out there. It was very important for all three players to be solid and they were.”

Henderson, 16, who is No.2 in the Women’s World Amateur Golf Ranking™, posted four birdies on her first seven holes and finished without a bogey on the par-72 Oshitate Course at Karuizawa. Her 66 is tied for the second-lowest first-round score in WWATC history. Henderson, the low amateur at the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open, won the CN Canadian Women’s Professional Tour event in Quebec in 2012 at age 14.

“My ball striking was very good today,” said Henderson, runner-up at 2014 U.S. Women’s Amateur. “I gave myself a lot of chances coming in. I had four or five chances from inside 15 feet but I didn’t make them all. We knew it was important to get some solid rounds in and now we have to follow that up.”

The 21-year-old James, who made five birdies against two bogeys, is a senior at North Carolina State University in the USA and she won the 2014 Canadian Women’s Amateur.

Both Henderson and James are playing in their second WWATC. Canada discarded a 1-under 71 from Brittany Marchand.

Korea, vying to become the first team to win three consecutive Espirito Santo Trophy competitions since the USA in 1980, 1982 and 1984, was led by So-Young Lee, 17, the gold-medalist at the recent Youth Olympic Games in China, who fired a 5-under 67 on the Oshitate Course. Her teammate Hye-Jin Choi notched a 2-under 70.

“They do have some pressure (as defending champions) but this the first time for them to be in the world championship, so we told them to enjoy it,” said Korean captain See-Hoon Chang. “It is better for them not to get pressure. The first few holes I was worried and then they got into the pace. I am very satisfied with their play.”

The Women’s World Amateur Team Championship is a biennial international amateur competition conducted by the International Golf Federation (IGF), which comprises 137 national governing bodies in 131 countries. The competition, which is being held for the 26th time, is rotated among three geographic zones: Asia-Pacific, Americas and Europe-Africa.

This year’s event is hosted by the Japan Golf Association. The teams play for the Espirito Santo Trophy. The IGF is the international federation for golf for the International Olympic Committee and will conduct the Olympic golf competition in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. In each round, the total of the two lowest scores from each team constitutes the team score for the round. The four-day (72-hole) total is the team’s score for the championship.

France’s Mathilda Cappeliez (69) and Celine Boutier (71) combined for the team’s 4-under total. Both players competed at the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open.

India, Ireland and Italy were tied for fourth at 141. Mexico, South Africa, Spain and the USA were tied for seventh place at 2-under 142. Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Philippines and Sweden shared 11th place at 143.

The host team from Japan finished tied for 16th.

KARUIZAWA, Japan (3 Sept.) — Results of Wednesday’s first round of the 2014 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship played at the par 72, 6,309-yard/5,765-meter Oshitate Course (OC) and the par 72, 6,311-yard/5,768-meter Iriyama Course (IC) at Karuizawa 72 Golf East.

1.Canada (CAN) – 135 OC

  Brooke Henderson 30-36–66

  Augusta James 32-37–69

  Brittany Marchand 33-38–71

2.Republic of Korea (KOR) – 137 IC

  So-Young Lee 33-34–67

  Hye-Jin Choi 35-35–70

  Gyeol Park 37-38–75

3.France (FRA) – 140 IC

  Mathilda Cappeliez 33-36–69

  Celine Boutier 35-36–71

  Manon Gidali 35-38–73

T4.India (IND) – 141 IC

  Aditi Ashok 35-34–69

  Gurbani Singh 37-35–72

  Astha Madan 38-37–75

T4.Ireland (IRL) – 141 OC

  Paula Grant 33-37–70

  Maria Dunne 32-39–71

  Mary Doyle 37-43–80

T4.Italy (ITA) – 141 OC

  Virginia Elena Carta 31-38–69

  Laura Lonardi 34-38–72

  Roberta Liti 36-38–74

T7.Mexico (MEX) – 142 IC

  Maria Gabriela Lopez Butron 35-34–69

  Marijosse Navarro Miguez 39-34–73

  Ana Paula Valdes 35-40–75

T7.South Africa (RSA) – 142 OC

  Michaela Fletcher 36-33–69

  Cara Bella Gorlei 35-38–73

  Monja Richards 36-40–76

T7.Spain (ESP) – 142 IC

  Noemi Jimenez Martin 36-34–70

  Marta Sanz Barrio 37-35–72

  Luna Sobron Galmes 38-38–76

T7.United States of America (USA) – 142 OC

  Alison Lee 35-33–68

  Kristen Gillman 35-39–74

  Emma Talley 37-40–77

T11.Denmark (DEN) – 143 IC

  Nanna Koerstz Madsen 33-36–69

  Caroline Nistrup 34-40–74

  Emily Kristine Pedersen 38-37–75

T11.Germany (GER) – 143 IC

  Olivia Cowan 38-33–71

  Laura Funfstuck 36-36–72

  Antonia Scherer 38-40–78

T11.Netherlands (NED) – 143 IC

  Anne Van Dam 33-35–68

  Dewi Weber 36-39–75

  Romy Meekers 39-37–76

T11.Philippines (PHI) – 143 OC

  Princess Superal 34-37–71

  Clare Amelia Legaspi 33-39–72

  Pauline Del Rosario 34-40–74

T11.Sweden (SWE) – 143 OC

  Linnea Strom 33-38–71

  Madelene Sagstrom 33-39–72

  Louise Ridderstrom 34-39–73

T16.Australia (AUS) – 144 IC

  Su Oh 35-36–71

  Minjee Lee 36-37–73

  Shelly Shin 39-35–74

T16.Japan (JPN) – 144 IC

  Yumi Matsubara 36-34–70

  Minami Katsu 38-36–74

  Eri Okayama 41-37–78

T18.Argentina (ARG) – 145 IC

  Magdalena Simmermacher 38-33–71

  Manuela Carbajo Re 36-38–74

  Delfina Acosta 37-37–74

T18.Finland (FIN) – 145 IC

  Oona Vartiainen 31-37–68

  Mitilda Castren 39-38–77

  Emily Penttila 39-43–82

T20.Austria (AUT) – 146 OC

  Lea Zeitler 34-36–70

  Nadine Dreher 35-41–76

  Leonie Bettel 35-42–77

T20.People’s Republic of China (CHN) – 146 IC

  Yuting Shi 35-35–70

  Ziqi Ye 39-37–76

  XinYing Wang 38-39–77

T20.Hong Kong, China (HKG) – 146 OC

  Tiffany Chan 34-37–71

  Isabella Leung 37-38–75

  Kitty Tam 35-41–76

T20.Switzerland (SUI) – 146 OC

  Kim Metraux 33-38–71

  Albane Valenzuela 36-39–75

  Morgane Metraux 34-42–76

T20.Chinese Taipei (TPE) – 146 OC

  Ssu-Chia Cheng 35-37–72

  Jo-Hua Hung 35-39–74

  Chi-Hui Chen 37-45–82

T20.Wales (WAL) – 146 IC

  Chloe Williams 38-33–71

  Katie Bradbury 38-37–75

  Rebecca Helen Harries 41-38–79

T26.Belgium (BEL) – 147 OC

  Manon De Roey 32-38–70

  Fanny Cnops 40-37–77

  Leslie Cloots 36-43–79

T26.Colombia (COL) – 147 IC

  Laura Sojo 36-36–72

  Maria Hoyos 39-36–75

  Laura Camila Blanco 38-39–77

T26.England (ENG) – 147 IC

  Bronte Law 35-36–71

  Gabriella Cowley 38-38–76

  Hayley Davis 38-38–76

T26.Puerto Rico (PUR) – 147 IC

  Paola Robles 37-36–73

  Maria F. Torres 37-37–74

  Valeria S. Pacheco 39-39–78

T30.Norway (NOR) – 148 OC

  Tonje Daffinrud 33-39–72

  Nicoline Skaug 36-40–76

  Mariell Bruun 38-39–77

T30.Poland (POL) – 148 OC

  Nastasia Kossacky 36-37–73

  Dominika Gradecka 33-42–75

  Dorota Zalewska 40-42–82

T30.Slovenia (SLO) – 148 IC

  Katja Pogacar 36-35–71

  Ana Belac 41-36–77

  Ursa Oreheu 42-39–81

T33.Iceland (ISL) – 149 IC

  Olafia Thorunn Kristinsdottir 36-38–74

  Gudrun Bjorgvinsdottir 39-36–75

  Sunna Vidisdottir 37-38–75

T33.Russian Federation (RUS) – 149 OC

  Sofya Anokhina 36-38–74

  Ksenia Eremina 33-42–75

  Angelina Monakhova 37-43–80

T35.Brazil (BRA) – 150 OC

  Luciane Lee 34-41–75

  Clara Teixeira 34-41–75

  Luiza Altmann 35-40–75

T35.Czech Republic (CZE) – 150 IC

  Hana Ryskova 37-37–74

  Barbora Bakova 40-36–76

  Karolina Vlckova 39-41–80

T35.Singapore (SIN) – 150 IC

  Sock Hwee Koh 39-36–75

  Jo Ee Kok 36-39–75

  Amanda Tan 37-41–78

T38.Guatemala (GUA) – 151 OC

  Lucia Polo 35-36–71

  Pilar Echeverria 38-42–80

  Beatriz Arenas 39-45–84

T38.Slovakia (SVK) – 151 OC

  Natalia Heckova 36-38–74

  Aneta Abrahamova 36-41–77

  Lea Klimentova 38-43–81

40.Thailand (THA) – 152 IC

  Suthavee Chanachai 36-38–74

  Pajaree Anannarukarn 39-39–78

  Pannarat Thanapolboonyaras 41-38–79

41.Venezuela (VEN) – 153 OC

  Maria Andreina Merchan 34-41–75

  Ariadna Fonseca 35-43–78

  Nicole Ferre 37-44–81

T42.New Zealand (NZL) – 154 IC

  Munchin Keh 37-39–76

  Julianne Alvarez 39-39–78

  Zoe-Beth Brake 40-39–79

T42.Scotland (SCO) – 154 IC

  Gemma Dryburgh 37-38–75

  Gabrielle Macdonald 42-37–79

  Eilidh Briggs 41-39–80

44.Turkey (TUR) – 155 OC

  Damla Bilgic 38-39–77

  Elcin Ulu 35-43–78

  Sena Ersoy 38-46–84

45.Bolivia (BOL) – 162 OC

  Tamara Paz 37-44–81

  Michelle Ledermann 37-44–81

46.Guam (GUM) – 164 OC

  Nalathai Vongjalorn 37-45–82

  Kristin Oberiano 39-43–82

  Rachael Peterson 41-50–91

47.Portugal (POR) – 167 OC

  Susana Mendes Ribeiro 37-43–80

  Ines Barbosa 42-45–87

  Leonor Bessa 38-50–88

48.Serbia (SRB) – 171 OC

  Ariana Savic 37-42–79

  Tamara Palkovljevic 43-49–92

  Nebojsa Lazic NC-NC–NC

49.Gabon (GAB) – 183 OC

  Lea Ndjobouela 42-45–87

  Corine Beyeme 43-53–96

  Cecile Poncet NC-NC–NC

50.Ukraine (UKR) – 185 OC

  Galyna Zagorodnia 42-45–87

  Mariia Pedenko 44-54–98

  Valeriia Sapronova 47-56–103

Source: USGA


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