2014 US Women’s Open 2nd Round Tee-off Times and Pairings for Pinehurst Number 2 Course:-

1 1 6:45a United States ACHARYA, JasiCanada TONG, Elizabeth (a)
Japan HASHIMOTO, Chisato (a)
2 10 6:45a United States SILVERS, CarleighUnited States SIMS, Sierra (a)
Korea BAE, Narangyi (a)
3 1 6:56a Canada KIM, SueUnited States STEEN, Marissa
France CAPPELIEZ, Mathilda (a)
4 10 6:56a United States FERREIRA, Jordan (a)France BOUTIER, Celine (a)
United States PANCAKE, Brooke
5 1 7:07a United States CARTER, DoriAustralia LEE, Minjee (a)
United States MCPHERSON, Kristy
6 10 7:07a United States TAMULIS, KrisUnited States LEE, Andrea (a)
United States KNOLL, Ashley
7 1 7:18a England DAVIES, LauraPhilippines ROSALES, Jennifer
United States DIAZ, Laura
8 10 7:18a Canada LEE-BENTHAM, RebeccaUnited States MCDONALD, Ally (a)
Japan WATANABE, Ayaka
9 1 7:29a United States COE, IreneNetherlands BOELJON, Christel
Spain MOZO, Belen
10 10 7:29a Spain RECARI, BeatrizFrance ICHER, Karine
Korea CHOI, Chella
11 1 7:40a United States LANG, BrittanyUnited States PRESSEL, Morgan
Chinese Taipei TSENG, Yani
12 10 7:40a Japan MORITA, RikakoKorea LEE, Ilhee
Germany MASSON, Caroline
13 1 7:51a United States SALAS, LizetteKorea CHOI, Na Yeon
United States CREAMER, Paula
14 10 7:51a Korea YANG, AmyScotland MATTHEW, Catriona
United States WIE, Michelle
15 1 8:02a China FENG, ShanshanUnited States STANFORD, Angela
Sweden NORDQVIST, Anna
16 10 8:02a New Zealand KO, LydiaNorway PETTERSEN, Suzann
United States KERR, Cristie
17 1 8:13a South Africa PACE, Lee-AnneKorea KANG, Haeji
Switzerland NOCERA, Gwladys
18 10 8:13a Japan MIYAZATO, MikaKorea SHIN, Jenny
United States LINCICOME, Brittany
19 1 8:24a Korea BAE, Hee KyungUnited States HARIGAE, Mina
United States CASTRALE, Nicole
20 10 8:24a Japan YOSHIDA, YumikoUnited States MARTIN, Mo
Chinese Taipei KUNG, Candie
21 1 8:35a Colombia URIBE, MariajoKorea LEE, Jee Young
South Africa SIMON, Ashleigh
22 10 8:35a United States CONCOLINO, JacquiN. Ireland MEADOW, Stephanie
Australia ARTIS, Rebecca
23 1 8:46a China FENG, Yueer CindyMalaysia TAN, Kelly
United States JACKSON, Janie (a)
24 10 8:46a United States CHANGKIJA, SandraUnited States DO, Brianna
United States SCAVO, Kathleen (a)
25 1 8:57a United States KHANG, Megan (a)Chinese Taipei LIN, Tzu-Chi
Spain HERNANDEZ, Maria
26 10 8:57a United States CHOW, Marissa (a)Korea JANG, So-Young
Wales BOULDEN, Amy
27 1 12:30p South Africa GARCIA, NicoleJapan NARITA, Misuzu
United States GOTCHER, Samantha (a)
28 10 12:30p United States TARDY, Bailey (a)United States SUYETSUGU, Xyra
England HUDSON, Rebecca
29 1 12:41p Scotland MACDONALD, KelseyUnited States LEE, Paige (a)
United States KERLEY, Madison (a)
30 10 12:41p Chinese Taipei HSU, WeilingUnited States POPSON, Erica
United States PORVASNIK, Jessica (a)
31 1 12:52p United States O’DONNELL, CatherineUnited States LI, Lucy (a)
Canada WALLACE, Jessica
32 10 12:52p United States PARK, JaneUnited States SONG, Jennifer
United States MCCLOSKEY, Lisa
33 1 1:03p Korea KIM, Sei YoungChinese Taipei LU, Teresa
Spain CIGANDA, Carlota
34 10 1:03p Australia KEATING, StaceyJapan ANAI, Lala
Australia CAMPBELL, Nikki
35 1 1:14p Sweden LINDBERG, PernillaAustralia KIRK, Katherine
Italy SERGAS, Giulia
36 10 1:14p Korea KIM, BirdieAustralia SMITH, Sarah-Jane
United States BURNETT, Katie
37 1 1:25p Japan YOKOMINE, SakuraEngland EWART SHADOFF, Jodi
Korea LEE, Meena
38 10 1:25p Korea CHOI, Yoo LimThailand JUTANUGARN, Moriya
United States WALSHE, Alison
39 1 1:36p Korea KIM, I.K.Spain MUNOZ, Azahara
Korea JANG, Ha Na
40 10 1:36p United States KORDA, JessicaKorea PAK, Se Ri
Sweden HEDWALL, Caroline
41 1 1:47p Korea PARK, InbeeUnited States LEWIS, Stacy
United States TALLEY, Emma (a)
42 10 1:47p United States THOMPSON, LexiAustralia WEBB, Karrie
Korea RYU, So Yeon
43 1 1:58p United States PILLER, GerinaKorea PARK, Hee Young
Thailand PHATLUM, Pornanong
44 10 1:58p Korea YOO, Sun YoungParaguay GRANADA, Julieta
Korea JI, Eun Hee
45 1 2:09p Japan MIYAZATO, AiGermany GAL, Sandra
United States JOHNSON, Jennifer
46 10 2:09p United States INKSTER, JuliUnited States WOODS, Cheyenne
United States GULBIS, Natalie
47 1 2:20p Japan UEHARA, AyakoNetherlands SCHREEFEL, Dewi Claire
United States KANG, Danielle
48 10 2:20p Spain SILVA, MartaEngland CLYBURN, Holly
Japan ARIMURA, Chie
49 1 2:31p United States PARKS, SadenaUnited States POWERS, Caroline
Finland PENTTILA, Emily (a)
50 10 2:31p United States GREEN, Jaye MarieCanada HENDERSON, Brooke Mackenzie (a)
Australia NA, Stephanie
51 1 2:42p Colombia HURTADO, PaulaUnited States PIETILA, Hannah (a)
England WILLIAMS, Lucy
52 10 2:42p Japan JOMA, EriChina SHI, Yuting (a)
United States BECK, Karlin

Source: USGA


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