Day 1 of the 2014 Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship Match Play at the Royal St George’s Golf Club
Morning Matches
The top 64 players from the stroke play phase teed off from 7.30am at the Royal St George’s Golf Club this morning.
Leading qualifier Laetitia Beck (Israel) was first off and continued her momentum from yesterday by defeating Emma Broze (France) by 4&2. She was shortly joined by Scottish Curtis Cup player Gemma Dryburgh, with the two due to meet in the first match of the afternoon.
Su-Hyun Oh of Australia, the top world ranked player in the field, had a decisive win over Louise Ridderstrom (Sweden), while all three of the “Spanish Armada” safely made it into Round 2.
There was disappointment for Curtis Cup players Annabel Dimmock and Bronte Law lost on the 18th and 16th holes respectively, but Gabriella Cowley came out on top against Emma Henrickson of Sweden,
Olivia Mehaffey of Royal County Down Ladies kept Irish hopes alive with a 2&1 win over another Swede, Madelene Sagstrom, while Alice Hewson of Berkhamstead was 4&3 winner over another English player Meghan Maclaren. Alice, as well as playing in this week’s championship, is also working with the LGU on work experience.
Afternoon Matches
The run of leading qualifier Laetitia Beck came to a halt when she lost on the 18th green to Scotland’s Gemma Dryburgh. Gemma will play Emily Pedersen (Denmark) in the first match tomorrow.
Alice Hewson’s run of form continued with a 4&3 win over Germany’s Laura Funfstuck, earning her a crowd-pulling tie in the morning against Su-Hyun Oh,
Three other English players, GB&I internationalists Hayley Davis and Gabriella Cowley and Rosie Davies who attends Indiana University, are also still in the mix, although Irish hopes were dashed with Olivia Mehaffey’s defeat by Germany’s Antonia Scherer.
With a truly international field playing in round 3, all are welcome to come along and watch the cream of ladies amateur golf.
Round 1
Laetitia Beck (A) (ISR) (1) Israel 4&2 16 Emma Broze (FRA) (64) France
Gemma Dryburgh (SCO) (33) Beaconsfield 1 UP 18 Aditi Ashok (IND) (32) India
Emily Pedersen (A) (DEN) (17) Denmark 3&2 16 Johanna Tillstrom (SWE) (48) Sweden
Charlotte De Corte (BEL) (49) Belgium 18 2 UP Hadas Libman (ISR) (16) Israel
Anne-Catherine Tanguay (CAN) (9) Canada 17 2&1 Laura Fünfstück (GER) (56) Germany
Meghan Maclaren (ENG) (41) Wellingborough 15 4&3 Alice Hewson (ENG) (24) Berkhamsted
Hollie Muse (ENG) (25) West Lancs 17 2&1 Samantha Giles (A) (ENG) (40) St.Mellion
Louise Ridderstrom (SWE) (57) Sweden 14 5&4 Su-Hyun Oh (A) (AUS) (8) Australia
Noemi Jimenez (SPA) (5) Spain 5&3 15 Augusta James (CAN) (60) Canada
Bianca Maria Fabrizio (ITA) (37) Italy 1 UP 18 Annabel Dimmock (A) (ENG) (28) Wentworth
Rosie Davies (A) (ENG) (21) Indiana University 2 UP 18 Lauren Whyte (SCO) (44) St Regulus
Emily Slater (ENG) (53) Woodhall Spa 17 2&1 Anaelle Carnet (FRA) (12) France
Hayley Davis (ENG) (13) Ferndown 2&1 17 Alyson McKechin (SCO) (52) Elderslie
Jenny Haglund (SWE) (45) Sweden 3&2 16 Chloe Williams (WAL) (20) Wrexham
Sarah Schober (AUT) (29) Austria 2&1 17 Hendrika Labsch (GER) (36) Germany
Elise Genoux (FRA) (61) France 3&2 16 Bronte Law (ENG) (4) Bramhall
Luna Sobron (SPA) (3) Spain 3&2 16 Connie Jaffrey (SCO) (62) Troon Ladies’
Emma Henrikson (SWE) (35) Sweden 18 1 UP Gabriella Cowley (ENG) (30) Hanbury Manor
Anne Van Dam (NED) (19) Netherlands 1 UP 18 Ailsa Summers (SCO) (46) Carnoustie Ladies’
Camilla Vik (NOR) (51) Norway 14 6&4 Sophie Lamb (ENG) (14) Clitheroe
Nuria Iturrios (SPA) (11) Spain 5&4 14 Cloe Frankish (ENG) (54) Charthills
Marion Veysseyre (FRA) (43) France 2&1 17 Janie Jackson (USA) (22) USA
Joanna Charlton (AUS) (27) Australia 15 4&3 Leonie Harm (GER) (38) Germany
Marlies Krenn (AUT) (59) Austria 5&3 15 Inci Mehmet (A) (ENG) (6) Wentworth
Antonia Scherer (GER) (7) Germany 1 UP 18 Becky Harries (WAL) (58) Haverfordwest
Olivia Mehaffey (IRE) (39) Royal County Down Ladies’ 2&1 17 Madelene Sagstrom (SWE) (26) Sweden
Juve Romane (FRA) (23) France 18 1 UP Frida Gustafsson-Spang (SWE) (42) Sweden
Alexandra Peters (A) (ENG) (55) Notts Ladies 15 4&3 Dewi Weber (NED) (10) Netherlands
Alexandra Bonetti (FRA) (15) France 16 4&2 Linnea Johansson (SWE) (50) Sweden
Eva Gilly (FRA) (47) France 18 EH#1 Elodie Bridenne (FRA) (18) France
Lauralie Migneaux (FRA) (31) France 3&2 16 Chloe Ryan (IRE) (34) Castletroy
Dulcie Sverdloff (A) (ENG) (63) Garons Park 17 2&1 Leslie Cloots (BEL) (2) Belgium
Round 2
Laetitia Beck (A) (ISR) (1) Israel 18 1 UP Gemma Dryburgh (SCO) (33) Beaconsfield
Emily Pedersen (A) (DEN) (17) Denmark 2&1 17 Hadas Libman (ISR) (16) Israel
Laura Fünfstück (GER) (56) Germany 15 4&3 Alice Hewson (ENG) (24) Berkhamsted
Samantha Giles (A) (ENG) (40) St.Mellion 15 5&3 Su-Hyun Oh (A) (AUS) (8) Australia
Noemi Jimenez (SPA) (5) Spain 6&5 13 Bianca Maria Fabrizio (ITA) (37) Italy
Rosie Davies (A) (ENG) (21) Indiana University 1 UP 18 Anaelle Carnet (FRA) (12) France
Hayley Davis (ENG) (13) Ferndown 17 2&1 Jenny Haglund (SWE) (45) Sweden
Sarah Schober (AUT) (29) Austria 1 UP 18 Elise Genoux (FRA) (61) France
Luna Sobron (SPA) (3) Spain 16 3&2 Gabriella Cowley (ENG) (30) Hanbury Manor
Anne Van Dam (NED) (19) Netherlands 4&3 15 Sophie Lamb (ENG) (14) Clitheroe
Nuria Iturrios (SPA) (11) Spain 16 3&2 Marion Veysseyre (FRA) (43) France
Leonie Harm (GER) (38) Germany 2&1 17 Marlies Krenn (AUT) (59) Austria
Antonia Scherer (GER) (7) Germany 4&3 15 Olivia Mehaffey (IRE) (39) Royal County Down Ladies’
Frida Gustafsson-Spang (SWE) (42) Sweden 1 UP 18 Dewi Weber (NED) (10) Netherlands
Linnea Johansson (SWE) (50) Sweden 16 3&2 Elodie Bridenne (FRA) (18) France
Lauralie Migneaux (FRA) (31) France 17 2&1 Leslie Cloots (BEL) (2) Belgium
Source: LGU


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