MONTRÉAL (Golf Canada) – Jason Allred of Ashland, Oregon; Kevin Stinson, of Mission, B.C.; Ben Silverman of Concord, Ont.; and Robbie Greenwell of Georgetown, Ont. have all earned spots into this week’s RBC Canadian Open at The Royal Montreal Golf Club via Monday’s Final Qualifier at Club de golf St-Raphael.

Allred, 34, topped the leaderboard at the Monday qualifier thanks to a 6-under par 66. The Tour member who has two top-25 finishes on the PGA TOUR’s development circuit this season carded an eagle, six birdies and two bogeys en route to earning medalist honours.

Canada’s Stinson, Silverman and Greenwell finished in a 3-way tie for second after firing matching 5-under 67s.

After Monday’s Final Qualifier, a total of 19 Canadians are set to compete in the 2014 RBC Canadian Open.

Golf Scores (Canadian unless otherwise stated)

1  Jason Allred USA -6 F 66
T2  Kevin Stinson -5 F 67
T2  Ben Silverman -5 F 67
T2  Robbie Greenwell -5 F 67
5  Brad Adamonis USA -4 F 68
T6  Raoul Menard (a) -3 F 69
T6  Lee Janzen USA -3 F 69
T6  Marc Turnesa USA -3 F 69
T6  Christopher Ross -3 F 69
T6  Matt Thompson -3 F 69
T11  Eddie Maunder -2 F 70
T11  Matthew McMahon -2 F 70
T11  Peter Campbell -2 F 70
T11  Derek Gillespie -2 F 70
T11  Mark Hoffman -2 F 70
T11  Frank Lickliter -2 F 70
T11  Adam Cornelson -2 F 70
T11  Russell Budd -2 F 70
T19  Greg Doherty -1 F 71
T19  Braeden Cryderman -1 F 71
T19  Will Strickler USA -1 F 71
T19  Lucas Kim -1 F 71
T19  Ryan Williams -1 F 71
T24  Remi Bouchard E F 72
T24  Eric Hawerchuk E F 72
T24  Brad Kerfoot E F 72
T24  Eric Laporte E F 72
T24  Louis-Pierre Godin E F 72
T24  Yohann Benson E F 72
T24  Brad Revell E F 72
T24  Francis Berthiaume (a) E F 72
T24  Brett Cairns E F 72
T33  Chang Wan Woo +1 F 73
T33  Devin Carrey +1 F 73
35  Max Gilbert +2 F 74
T36  Simon Reyers +3 F 75
T36  Daniel Kim +3 F 75
T36  John Boncoddo (a) +3 F 75
T36  Alex Francois (a) +3 F 75
T36  Mathew Iceton (a) +3 F 75
T41  Jonathan Kim-Moss (a) +4 F 76
T41  Billy Houle +4 F 76
T43  Lucas Greco +5 F 77
T43  Ryan Terdik +5 F 77
T43  Dakota Robinson +5 F 77
T43  David Byrne +5 F 77
T4A3  Roberto Lupini SAF +5 F 77
T43  Darcy Donaldson +5 F 77
T49  Mike Woodcock +6 F 78
T49  Ryan Sevigny (a) +6 F 78
T49  Eric Flockhart (a) +6 F 78
52  A.J. McKenzie +7 F 79
T53  Jeffrey Gardner (a) +8 F 80
T53  Matt Le May (a) +8 F 80
T55  Mathieu Perron +9 F 81
T55  Mac Boucher +9 F 81
T55  David Sheman +9 F 81
T58  Iggy Van Rooyen +11 F 83
T58  Brad Burgess (a) +11 F 83

Source: Golf Canada


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